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The main purpose of "SMEPS" design and implementation of a Heating, Ventilation, and Air- Conditioning (HVAC) system is to help maintain good indoor air quality through adequate ventilation with filtration and provide thermal comfort. HVAC systems are among the largest energy consumers in any premise. The choice and design of the HVAC system makes the difference in any living and working environment. This is why we strive to design quality systems that are cost-competitive while successfully providing an appropriate quality air, lower energy costs, and easier maintenance.

Over the years "SMEPS" has set up a strong team to work across India to offer complete HVAC solutions like,

With the easy availability on state of the art products from all over the world, the focus of "SMEPS" is optimized application and integration of these products and adoption of right the process for timely delivery and quality. "SMEPS" are Authorized Dealers for LG, Blue Star, Carrier, Hitachi, & Voltas Air conditioning brands in India. We are Authorized Channel Partners of DAIKIN, MITSUBISHI & TOSHIBA. We constantly upgrade the product line to offer our customers finest air-conditioning solutions. "SMEPS" provides comprehensive comfort solution from a wide product range and Air-conditioning brands.

2. Public Health Engineering (Plumbing)

Plumbing plays a very critical role in maintaining health and safety demanded by the designs. It is more or less a link between the building or structure and the people living or associated with it.

Our plumbing engineers design systems with your "whole building" in mind to help you avoid surprises. From determining tap size, to coordinating with civil engineers, to deciding the location of incoming utilities, we carefully orchestrate your plumbing solutions to integrate with your overall plan.

We are one of the most renowned companies in this sector and have been dominating the market for more than a decade now. We prepare simple documents which help you decipher our solutions better. However, we make sure that there has not been any loss of information while making documents simpler. We offer you extreme high quality plumbing design and drafting services.

The plumbing industry is a basic and substantial part of every developed economy due to the need for clean water, and proper collection and transport of wastes. Given the importance of water in our lives, our designers and installers are extremely careful in the treatment of a resource that is scarce worldwide.

Team "SMEPS" puts lots of emphasis to ensure we provide a plumbing where pipes, drains fittings, valves, valve assemblies, and devices we install in a building for the distribution of water for drinking, heating and washing, and the removal of waterborne wastes are well sized and securely installed.

The plumbing work is designed according to the layout details of the sewerage lines and reservoirs. The company appoints plumbers who are expert in delivering the best plumbing solution for a building.

We are delivering excellent services in the latest National Building and Uniform Plumbing codes in the following areas:

Experience the exciting results with us

We provide an extensive range of services in the area of Residential, Industrial & Commercial Plumbing maintenance. We can offer scheduled and pre-programmed maintenance services, essentially we are able to tailor our services to suit any of your requirements.

Our plumbing department works very closely with our Fire Protection, Mechanical and Electrical Departments to ensure that all Design drawings are compliant with local and international codes.

3. Fire fighting system (fire alarm & fire protection system)

SHIVANSH MEP SOLUTIONS consider public health and safety issue while making the architectural design. Our team makes the plan accordingly and provides maximum fire protection in the building. Among all safety issues, fire safety management is a must for every projec. A plan usually consists of fire escape pathways and we design according to the local fire norms. So that, in case of fire a separate emergency exit route could be used for rescue operation and the route is made easy for access from any point of the building.

Providing full spectrum solutions in the areas of Fire Safety, Fire Prevention, Fire Detection and Fire Suppression. The fire solutions canvas is complex and now extremely evolved from a threat and engineering delivery point of view. The technology at a base level involves a safety strategy, devices & technology, fire and smoke safeguards, evacuation facilitation and building resilience into post threat scenarios. The adherence to fire and building norms is the first and basic pre requisite of our solutions.

In commercial building, hotels, hospitals, educational institutions, and residential apartments, we install fire detection sensors. Sprinklers are fitted throughout the construction. This ensures that fire gets detected instantly and with automatic fire extinguishing facility, the sprinklers start working after getting any smoke signal from the sensor. Another important factor in fire safety management lies in planning the ventilation system of a building. It plays an immense role in internal fire spread.

The design team uses the latest drawing tools & software including AutoCAD, Revit11& Pipe net to enhance design accuracy.

"SMEPS" values the safety of a person and his assets. We are here to provide the best fire protection with maximum safety concerns.

"SMEPS" experience in this field enables us to offer products and services that match these expectations and needs for Fire and Safety solutions.

Our rich experience,is our strength

Our team is highly trained in the complexities of installing Fire Protection systems in Commercial and Industrial buildings. A clear fire safety strategy is necessary due to the number of potential occupants in Commercial and Industrial buildings, as well as the potential loss due to business down time. We have the latest knowledge of fire behavior in Commercial and Industrial buildings and can provide comprehensive fire safety design and advice to the required safety standards

We have experience and knowledge to correctly install any type of Fire Protection System required. The quality of our work and the knowledge & experience of our team gives us the ability to meet any construction or schedule requests. We can also provide Design/Build services to meet any project requirement for the customer.

4. Electrical Engineering & Power System

"SHIVANSH MEP SOLUTIONS" to become one of India's most challenging Electrical Contracting organizations. We offer electrical installation systems, providing you with the complete package from design to installation to maintenance and repairs. Our services are carried out by qualified electricians and ensuring that your company meets all electrical health and safety regulations.

Our extensive portfolio of new build and refurbishment electrical engineering projects are spread across India. With a wide range of experience, this diverse portfolio ranges from hotels, education, office accommodation, student accommodation, high end residential to nursing facilities and restoration.

Our work is an opportunity to demonstrate our value to our clients. Delivering safe, efficient, and prompt service to our project's applications is the primary focus of EIM. With our trained, qualified staff, EIM is able to deliver a solution for any size project from service calls, project troubleshooting, to complete turnkey electrical installations.

"SMEPS" became one of India's most challenging MEP contracting organization with expertise on complete Electrical Solution & Services, comprising of Transformers, Compact Substations, HV (High Voltage) & LV (Low Voltage) Electrical Systems. HT & LT Panels, Cabling, DG Sets, ATS, UPS Systems, Static Transfer Switches, Earthling, Internal & External Electrification.

In view of the large requirement from the IT sector for having contractors with a National presence and with developers planning a National expansion and the retail, mall and multiplex boom in its infancy, the need for a national contractor was obvious.

"SMEPS" has expertise on complete Electrical Solution & Services, comprising : We are mainly offering these services:

Medium Voltage Substation

The substation is a small scale site specific electrical plant which distributes electricity to the building from the main grid. It transforms voltage from high to low, or the reverse and performs other important functions. Transformers, Switching Protection and Control equipment.

Low Voltage Distribution

A low voltage distribution system consists of a combination of several electrical components to provide the required power to the end user.

Emergency Power Systems

Emergency power systems provide backup power resources in a crisis or when regular systems fail. They find uses in a wide variety of settings from residential homes to hospitals, scientific laboratories, data centers, telecommunication equipment.

(Generators * Sound Proofing * Tanks * UPS)

Interior Lighting

Interior lighting has a significant impact on both the aesthetic and functional elements of living space and the human environment. Lighting sets the tone of a room with an artistic, sculptural presence based on the design and finish of the fixtures you choose.

(General ambient lighting, Task lighting, Ceiling mounted fixtures, Wall mounted fixtures)

Exterior Lighting

Low voltage outdoor lighting can be used in a landscape to provide safety, security, accent and character. The specific design of a lighting system will be influenced by site-specific characteristics such as the landscape, its function, and the homeowner's desires.

(Up / Down lights, Backlights / Path lights, Specialty lights.)

Emergency Lighting Systems

Emergency lighting refers to light fixtures whose purpose is to illuminate the exit pathway of a building in an emergency situation when AC electrical power is lost. During such emergencies, normal lighting systems cease to operate and emergency lighting systems turn on.

(Central battery system, Maintained lighting fixtures, Non maintained lighting fixtures)

Electrical Installation And Maintenance Services

"SMEPS" MEP Engineers offer professional and reliable domestic and commercial services. We understand that as a business you have regulations that need to be met and we can help with advice and comprehensive solutions.

Our Specialization Sparks Your Success

As we deliver projects from inception to completion, our experienced team is perfectly placed to drive forward improvements through innovative, best value design solutions and aftercare arrangements – all covered with fully protected professional indemnity insurance.

5. Building Control and Automation

Whether at home or in the workplace, building control and automation have become an integral part of daily life based on their ability to make even the most complex processes simple.

You can control your entire domestic environment: your curtains, lights and electrical appliances like the fridge, and monitor energy consumption.

We provide homeowners and companies with efficient and reliable systems that allow them to perform a wide range of tasks remotely. Ease, comfort, efficiency and more are all available with the touch of a single button.

A new level of expertise & service

We offer complete Design and Build solutions for both public and private sector clients that deliver award winning service and value, incorporating safety, integrity and sustainability at all times.

6. Power Back-up System (DG Set & UPS Systems)


Our product line includes the widest range of Gen sets ranging from 7.5 kVA to 3350 kVA, with a fuel option of Diesel or gas, a complete range of intelligent Switchboards, design & build end to end power solutions for your Captive Power Plants, after sales service and Generator Rental.

"SMEPS" has the distinction of being the first company to comply with the latest CPCB II norms for air and noise pollution. "SMEPS" has the expertise to successfully meet the power requirements of a wide range of individual and institutional customers. Important sectors for power generation solutions are Telecom, Construction, IT/ITES, Realty, Hospitality, Textiles, Auto & Auto Ancillaries, Food Processing, Data Center, Infrastructure, Pharma and Manufacturing sector.

"SMEPS" has always been preferred by the public & private sector oil, gas & energy companies whether its HPCL, IOCL, ONGC, GAIL, IGL, BPCL or RELIANCE on the basis of the quality, reliability and business integrity.

We are Leading Supplier/Dealer of cummins Diesel generator, OEM of Cummins Diesel generator in Delhi NCR,

It offers advanced levels of functions for reliability and optimum gen set performance. The power command control with digital paralleling control devices such as synchronizers and load sharing controls, and KVAR / Power factor controls.

Why - Cummins Diesel Generator

One decades of relentless pursuit of excellence has seen "SMEPS" making a distinct niche for itself in turnkey electrical contracting. We undertake large EPC project under this division for construction of substation starting from 33kV to 400kV for both AIS as well as GIS substations, on complete turnkey basis including all the civil works. "SMEPS" is a Service provider for projects & Maintenance "Under One Roof", Services includes Operation & Annual maintenance contract of LT/HT Panels, synchronization Panels, AMF Panels, Transformers & Package Substation.

Also includes Installation, Testing & commissioning of Power Plants, DG sets, HT/LT Panel, Synch. Panels, Bus Duct, APFC, ATS Panels, Transformers, PSS.

(Battery Backup Power UPS Systems)

An uninterruptible power supply (UPS), also known as a battery backup, provides backup power when your regular power source fails or voltage drops to an unacceptable level. A UPS allows for the safe, orderly shutdown of a computer and connected equipment. The size and design of a UPS determine how long it will supply power.

Different UPS topologies provide specific levels of power protection. A "SMEPS" UPS will belong to one of these three topologies: standby, line interactive, and double-conversion.

Standby is the most basic UPS topology. A standby UPS resorts to battery backup power in the event of common power problems such as a blackout, voltage sag, or voltage surge. When incoming utility power drops below or surges above safe voltage levels, the UPS switches to DC battery power and then inverts it to AC power to run connected equipment. These models are designed for consumer electronics, entry-level computers, POS systems, security systems, and other basic electronic equipment.

A line interactive UPS incorporates technology which allows it to correct minor power fluctuations (under-voltages and over voltages) without switching to battery. This type of UPS has an autotransformer that regulates low voltages (e.g., brownouts) and over voltages (e.g., swells) without having to switch to battery. Line interactive UPS models are typically used for consumer electronics, PCs, gaming systems, home theater electronics, network equipment, and entry-to-mid-range servers. They provide power during such events as a blackout, voltage sag, voltage surge, or over-voltage.

A double-conversion (online) UPS provides consistent, clean, and near perfect power regardless of the condition of incoming power. This UPS converts incoming AC power to DC, and then back to AC. UPS systems with this technology operates on isolated DC power 100 percent of the time and have a zero transfer time because they never need to switch to DC power. Double-conversion UPS systems are designed to protect mission-critical IT equipment, data center installations, high-end servers, large telecom installations and storage applications, and advanced network equipment from damage caused by a power blackout, voltage sag, voltage surge, over voltage, voltage spike, frequency noise, frequency variation, or harmonic distortion.

"SMEPS" UPS systems have either sine wave or simulated sine wave output, depending upon the model.

Our Power Blog offers timely features focusing upon different aspects of power protection and power distribution. You'll find explanations about how particular products function, tips about how to solve common power problems, information about efficient energy use, and ideas about how to save money and prolong product life.

7. Solar thermal and Photovoltaic Service

Solar energy is emerging as a popular choice of renewable energy for housing and commercial complexes as it a simple, clean and renewable source of energy. It is a huge relief to the consumer and saves the time, trouble and dependency on other fuel supply chains. Solar energy harnessing is being promoted as part of the green BIM initiative around the world. A solar mounting system – either rooftop or ground-mounted – is an integral feature of any solar installation, particularly for photovoltaic (PV) projects. Many builders and construction companies allow a roof architecture that will help the occupant install solar panels easily to make use of the abundant source of power.

We have been emerged as the Most Promising MEP solution provider. We are out as a Solar EPC Solution Provider leveraging on its rich Electrical experience in the year 2020. Today, We are rated as one of the prime Solar EPC solution providers in India. Some home owners also go for a custom design and erection of solar panel once the facility has been occupied.

We provide installation layouts for roof mounted solar panels and possess extensive experience in such projects from certified panel installers. Our dedicated solar panel detailing team has the capabilities for creating preliminary, permit and installation drawings for residential as well as commercial buildings. Our rich experience in this field has enabled us to develop and evolve a custom procedure for panel detailing aimed at maximizing the efficiency of the team involved.

8. Elevators, Lift well & Lift Lobby Pressurization System

SHIVANSH MEP SOLUTIONS is among the leading lift Supply & Installation company in Delhi, India. We have been catering satisfactorily our clients in diverse segments. Employing the latest technology and best in class materials, we make lift systems for different requirements and orientations. Led by a team of enthusiastic professionals, our company continues to touch the frontiers of excellence through innovation and dedication. "SMEPS" suppliers a wide variety of Lift or Elevators. All the category in the vertical transportation we use the value based machine produced on with the latest technology for Passenger Elevators, Freight Elevators, Hospital Elevators, and other Capsule Elevators installed in malls and Hotels. Within a short time span.

"SMEPS" the name is synonymous with installation services in Delhi, India. It is a new generation company using simple technology in the vertical transportation. All the category in the vertical transportation we use the value based machine produced on with the latest technology for passenger elevators, passenger lift, freight elevators, freight lift, hospital elevators, hospital lift and other panorama elevators installed malls and Hotels lift in India.

We make passenger elevators for the residential buildings and also freight elevators for the warehouses and storage towers. We also serve the shopping malls by making for them state of the art and iconic capsule elevators and have installed hospital elevators too. Such a wider service portfolio makes us counted among the best lift or Elevators Supplier in Delhi.

Installation & Maintenance

"SMEPS" has a long track record of reliable lift installation services of high quality lift installation. Lift Maintenance Service is provided by a team of highly experienced professionals on the basis of the client's requirements.

9. FRP Coating, Epoxy Flooring & Water Proofing

SHIVANSH MEP SOLUTIONS is engaged in supplying and service providing the quality-approved range of FRP Sheets, Wind Ventilators, Turbo Ventilators, FRP Waterproofing, FRP Gutters, Kemperol Waterproofing System. We also provide Skylight FRP Sheets, FRP Coating Services, FRP Lining Job Work, FRP Base Plates, and FRP Covers for Motor.

"SMEPS" are engaged in providing FRP job work to clients. Our services range is offered the best grid raw material and sophisticated technology in accordance with the set industry standards. The services are highly appreciated among the clients for its user-friendliness, functional ease, durability, stain and break resistance, optimum finish and longer service life. These can also be availed by clients from us in various sizes finish, pattern, dimensions and designs as per the variegated requirements of clients apart from this, the offered products can also be availed by clients from us at the most reasonable price range.

We "SMEPS" are known to offer excellent quality Industrial Epoxy Flooring, wall coating, antistatic esd flooring, epu flooring, pu floor coating, water proof coating, clear lacquers and sealants. All these coatings are known for their slip, bacteria, water and heat resistance, and also chemical inertness. Moreover, these coatings are applied on different walls, flooring and pipes, under the supervision of our qualified engineers and quality experts. In addition to this, our professionals keep a close interaction with the clients and understand their specific requirements.

Installation & Maintenance

Industrial Coating And Sealants We are engaged in offering industrial coating and sealants such as epoxy flooring, polyurethane flooring, epu flooring, water base pu flooring, antistatic esd coating, anti-corrosive coating and acid resistance coating. Also offering joint sealants and lacquer. Widely appreciated against temperatures effect, chemical attacks, scratch resistant, these are widely used in chemical, Fertilizer, and pharmaceutical industries. Our clients can avail these services from us in most competitive prices.

By keeping a perfect balance between clients'' budget and his requirements, we ensure that the assigned project is executed up to the mark. Moreover, with the highly professional approach of employees, the assignment is finished in the specified time frame. Apart from this, we make use of latest techniques and equipment, so as to provide flawless coating on most challenging floors across the country.

Our customer can avail from us Industrial coating such as antistatic esd coats, anti-corrosive coating and acid resistance coating

10. Interior projects & designing works

For interior designing SHIVANSH MEP SOLUTIONS is one of the leading companies in Delhi NCR and Pan India. Our company is well known for working with the best Interior Designers in the industry. Each and every Designer is selected for a particular purpose and they are hand-selected. We appoint best interior designers in Delhi NCR and Pan India who are specialized in both high-end commercial and residential interior designing. Client can experience the best professional touch from our work.

Get Attractive Designs

Best interior decorator and designers are provided in various techniques and designed by the best designers in Delhi NCR and Pan India.

The measurement of the area to be designed and decorated has to be accurate. Innovations are made by interior designers to provide maximum utilization of space. Without a proper plan and design decoration cannot be made appropriately. A good interior designing plan must contain a schematic layout of the furniture that would be installed. The design may be reordered or retouched by our client. Once our client approves the design, the work gets started without any delay.

Make Your Living Unique

Designing process includes determination of the paints for the walls, the textures and patterns of the color, ceiling and flooring, the design of the furniture and the color as well as the texture and pattern of the room must complement each other. We always try to deliver a unique and stylish interior design that brings out the good vibe to the particular structure.

Before starting a project, the labors are given a detailed knowledge of the furniture and the items that need to be installed. The supervision of the work is necessary in order to build a perfect Interior Designing free from flaws. Our company always gives the credit of success to our highly skilled Interior Designing team.

With a deep-rooted sense of Indian craft, global aesthetics, spatial planning and utilization, "SMEPS" has a unique approach towards interior design of spaces – be it for living, working or playing. Our interior consulting services include site evaluation and assessment, spatial design, illumination design, acoustic design, material selection, graphic design and signage along with the necessary technical inputs to achieve a landmark space for our clients.

Interior designers have played a vital role in adding attractiveness of an individual's room. Designs are made in such a manner which makes your place very much organized. We all know that it is easy to work in organized place and increases both the utility and creativity of an individual. People usually love to work in an atmosphere that is attractive and comfortable.

Our team collaborates with other firms after knowing the proximity of profit and working features of the project. On joint venture collaboration process, scrutinizes of the documents are thoroughly done at the very beginning. This reduces the legal obstacles that may or may not arrive in later future as the project progress. All the legal documents are maintained by legal advisors of the company in order to authenticate the deal.

We are the leading professional Interior Designing Company that is said to be the best solution for Interior Designing related project. Our company always makes the client feel that their dream is on safe hands.

"SMEPS" provides both comprehensive design services and simple design consultation such as assistance with product selection. We have a thorough process to make sure our clients are satisfied.


We don't only work on new build or new construction; we also work on existing structures. Let "SMEPS" come in and completely transform your space. In addition to the construction items above, our designers will work with you to refresh or completely change your space. We can help you revive your space with the addition of some artwork and accessories or perform a total overhaul for a whole new look.

11. ) All MEP Projects Services, Repairing & Maintenance Works

Are you looking for Maintenance Services Residential and Commercial?
An architectural construction requires time to time maintenance for increasing the life of the building.

The Maintenance Service needs special care so that no issue is left. SHIVANSH MEP SOLUTIONS provides the best maintenance service in Delhi NCR and Pan India for any construction. We take maintenance work tenders for educational institutions, hospitals, amusement areas and the list goes on.

In Delhi NCR and Pan India, we have been in the industry for a considerable span of time and are famous for maintaining every minute details of a construction.

Maintenance Services includes general repairs of the building. Our experienced and skilled workers are good in providing the correct preventive measure for increasing the durability of building.

Post Construction Maintenance

When a project gets completed, SHIVANSH MEP SOLUTIONS Provides maintenance manuals to the clients. Warranty maintenance comes with this scheme. We are always there if any issue seems to hamper a particular project.

Post Construction Maintenance Service is a separate service that we offer to our client. We also accept maintenance contract for old projects.

"SMEPS" focus on developing long-term relationships with the clients. The company makes this possible with good quality of products and services. It is our duty to see that clients with any sort of architectural construction and repair. And, customer satisfaction is our main goal.

What We Do

No matter what the challenge, we focus on delivering practical and enduring results, and equipping our clients to grow and lead. We partner with clients to put recommendations into practice. Our implementation specialists work directly with clients over long periods to help develop workforce skills, drive operational improvement, and apply new working methods.

We Are Dedicated to Our Work

The depth and breadth of our firm's expertise is unmatched. We continue to add new experts, analytics capabilities and ways for our clients to access the insights they need every day.

For turnkey projects, "SMEPS" also works in collaboration with other construction companies in Delhi NCR. According to our client's need and budget, we provide the best turnkey project. When the responsibility is handed over to us, it is the duty of the company to provide the full design along with construction equipment and the machinery.

"SMEPS" has been successfully growing as one of the preferred and leading Turnkey Project Solution in Delhi NCR and Pan India. We know the value of our client's money. Our company works firstly, to make the perfect blueprint that utilizes maximum space. When the blueprint gets accepted, then we start our turnkey project and are good at completing the project on estimated time which makes us the most preferable firm in this field.

Are you Looking for Best Collaboration Services.?

It is very essential to understand the features and estimated the profit share from a particular project to build a good business relationship between the companies. Before an agreement is validated between the parties, we ensure all the pros and cons that will be coming in future days during the project execution process.

Legal Papers on joint venture project

The legal papers associated with the project are safely archived before the start of any construction work. Documents are scrutinized with immense care to avoid unnecessary chances of a work getting stopped because of legal issues. Without legal documents, a venture cannot be authenticated.


A project can never be flawless without proper planning. Planning is the basic outline for any project. We develop a plan which is creative, modern and scientifically approved.


From the steel framework for architectural structure erection to interior decoration, each part of the construction is designed as per the requirement of the client. It is an integral part of any project, whether big or small and we are well reputed for executing the design with absolute perfection.


For avoiding legal obstruction and making better business, a work permit from the local corporate body is very essential. We have a separate team that deals with local corporate authority and gets the job done within the given time. Without work permit, a project can be hampered at any point.

Structure Construction

Once all the above-mentioned items get prepared, we start with the building erection process. Strict supervision increases the quality of standard of the construction. The constant supply of raw materials along with adequate manpower makes the project completion on time.

Brochures and Marketing

Graphic presentations are made with relevant software. The presentation is usually made into brochures for marketing purpose.


The main aim is to gain profit. So, marketing is done by our expert team. We use different mediums of marketing for our projects.

Sale Documentation

The sale papers of a project are authenticated by our legal advisory body.

Efficiency is our trademark

In joint collaboration project, the responsibilities of the construction work are divided and managed by both the parties. Joint ventures are often made to develop a big project where the construction and the financial backup have to be provided in large amount.

If you have any emergency need, simply call our 24 hour emergency plumbing

Quick and Reliable Repaire of Emergency Service